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About Us

barThere is something truly special about a neighborhood restaurant. It’s the kind of place you can wander into casually for a glass of wine, or meet a friend for leisurely lunch, tucked away at a corner table for hours. That is just what we’re striving for at the  Bocci Bar.

In Italy, “bar” connotes so much more than a place to get drinks. It’s just the sort of neighborhood gathering spot we designed Bocci Bar to be, and we hope you agree. Floor-to-ceiling windows stretch across the entire front of the restaurant, creating the perfect, breezy indoor-outdoor feel on a nice day. A comfortable banquet stretches the length of the restaurant with tables aligned just close enough to create an energetic vibe. And of course, the bar is at the heart of the space. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a drink after a long day’s work or share a bite to eat.

Bocci Bar is the creation of Frank Schmitz, who also owns the popular Barcelona Tapas restaurant just a few doors down. He’s taken a similar small plate approach to the menu at Bocci Bar – but this time it celebrates modern Italian cuisine. Whether you’re looking to nosh on a few different items (what we like to call dining Bocci style) or enjoy a full meal, we’re certain you’ll quickly find your favorites on our menu.

We look forward to serving you at Bocci Bar!

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